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High speed centrifugal blower


The Hoffman Revolution is the world’s most advanced high speed centrifugal blower energy management system. The culmination of blower design and leadership delivers a new standard in efficiency and environmental protection.
The first high speed centrifugal in its class—designed, built, and tested in the United States of America. Through advanced technologies, the Revolution delivers up to 45% energy savings, provides increased reliability with little or no maintenance,
and comes factory prewired and tested in
an ergonomically designed sound enclosure
for plug-and-play operation.

Precise Control

The Revolution features the latest Human Machine Interface (HMI), a smart touch screen. Simple and easy to use, it places
the power of advanced technologies at your
finger tip. Experience intuitive monitoring and control with customized depth of displayed data functions. The PLC protects and controls with pre-programmed run permissives and is SCADA ready via Modbus over TCP/IP communications at the touch of a button.

Package Includes

  • A single enclosure housing
  • High speed blower/motor unit
  • Direct-driven permanent magnet motor
  • Self-contained cooling system
  • Air filtration elements
  • High efficiency impeller
  • Magnetic smart bearings
  • VFD, PLC, HMI (SCADA ready)
  • Blow-off valve assembly
  • Start-up training
  • UL and CSA certified

Superior Benefit

  • No lubrication changes
  • No bearing changes
  • No seal changes
  • No gears
  • No user-servicable blower parts
  • No wearing parts
  • No minimum lift-off RPM speed
  • No efficiency loss at air intake
  • No heat transfer at air intake
  • No external water supply needed
  • No effect on magnetic bearings by air-intake contaminates

Technical Data

  • 400 HP/300 kW, 3-Ph/460 Vac Permanent Magnet TEWAC motor 
  • IP54 Electrical Enclosure for Drive
    and Controller
  • 99% @ 5 micron air intake filter rating
  • 24 VDC Blow-off valve actuator receives
    a 4–20 ma operation signal
  • High efficient brazed aluminium Cross-Flow heat exchanger
  • Blow-off valve bearings require no lubrication and are PTFE 400F rated

Control Features

  • PLC controlled
  • Low voltage 24 VDC operation
  • Supports VFD via Ethernet/Modbus link
  • Blower air regulation via PID control
  • Pressure, flow, dissolved oxygen modes
  • Intelligent limiting for operation in extreme environments
  • Feature-rich error handling for safe machine operation
  • Expandable PLC to meet I/O of industrial applications
  • Up to 4 pressure and 4 temperature transducer inputs
  • Expandable discrete inputs and outputs
    for user control
  • Sequencing capability for control of up
    to 8 blowers
  • Ethernet communications for remote monitoring

HMI Touchscreen Features

  • 8.4 inch, 640 x 480 LCD color display
    with LED backlighting
  • Touchscreen for blower control menu navigation
  • Comprehensive screens for “at-a-glance” blower status
  • Password protection of control parameter
    and setup menus
  • Multiple language support





Revolution – Highspeed Centrifugal Blowers

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