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VS Series

Variable speed rotary screw air compressors - single stage

34 HP to 94 HP

Single stage variable speed rotary screw compressors 15 HP to 335 HP – VS Series from Gardner Denver distributed by Aircom Technologies, Montreal, Quebec

The single stage, variable speed rotary screw compressors VS Series reduces operating costs while producing highly energy efficient air.

  • Available from 34HP to 94 HP
  • TEAO, IP55 Classe F motor with unlimited Start-Stop
  • 175 PSI max.
  • Air-cooled after-cooler (standard) or water-cooled (as option)
  • AirSmart™ microprocessor with IP 54 panel
  • The controller has a four line display with menus and tactile buttons for easy navigation. Two lines display operating information such as pressure, temperature, operating hours, etc., while the other two lines display advisory messages, shutdown messages, recommended part numbers, and service contact information.
  • Alarms: – Air inlet filter pressure differential – Oil separator element differential – Compressor over temperature (alarm at 225°F and tripping at 240°F) – Service interval • Pressure relief valve
  • Direct drive • Integrated package fused protection
  • 2 year warranty on the airend
    5 years warranty on the motor
    1 year warranty on the remaining components

Options :

  • Integrated dryer
  • EMC filter (200 V, 230 V, 460 V, 575 V)
  • Multiple lubricant options
  • Line reactor
  • Communications/Sequencing module
  • Auxiliary Equipment : Multi-compressor controller for several compressors




VS Series – Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors


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