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Vacuum pumps – old

AIRCOM Technologies has loyal customers in cement, primary metals, food, plastics, woodworking, pulp and paper, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical industries and more. We are also active in the environmental market through supplying municipalities, landfill sites and water/waste water treatment system suppliers.

V-Series – Rotary vane – Dry

V-Series – Rotary vane – Combined vacuum/pressure

V-Series – Rotary vane – Lubricated

V-Series – Rotary vane – Fresh oil lubricated

C-Series – Claw

C-Series – Claw – Combined vacuum/pressure

L-Series – Liquid ring

without external water supply or with once thru, partial or full recirculation

GL-Series – Liquid ring

with once thru, partial or full recirculation

S-Series – Screw

Pre-assembled packages

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