L-BV3 (L_200)

L-Series - Liquid ring with once thru, partial or full recirculation


These liquid ring vacuum pumps are convincing – whether they are used for sterilizers or for medical/laboratory equipment, they excel where extremely small suction capacities are required within a minimum of space.

With a suction volume of up to 11 m³/h, these little workhorses are particularly quiet and consume very little water. It goes without saying, of course, that the L-BV3 can also convey suction-side steam and liquids.

The L-BV3 features an unusually compact design: constructed in our tried-and-tested modular design, it has extremely space-saving dimensions. And also in respect to quality, the L-BV3 leaves no wishes unfulfilled: corrosion-resistant materials, reinforced bearings and a stainless steel shaft in the pump section all consistently ensure safe and efficient operation even under high loads.

Performance overview

  • Capacities ranging from 10 to 11 m³/h
    (5.9 to 6.5 cfm)
  • Ultimate vacuum up to 000 mbar (abs)




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L-BV3 (L_200)


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