V-VGD 10/15

V-Series - Rotary vane - Lubricated


Oil flooded rotary vane vacuum pump. The ultimate vacuum can be selected by operator at either 2 mbar (abs.) for fine vacuum or 10 mbar (abs.) for coarse vacuum. Needs little space thanks to overhung rotor design and integral motor. Fitted as standard with fine mesh filter, vacuum non-return valve and oil separator. Very quiet operation.

Performance overview

  • Capacities ranging from 5.9 to 10.6 cfm
    (10 to 18 m³/hr)
  • Ultimate vacuum 29.63 inHg(g) for fine vacuum
    or 29.86 inHg(g) for coarse vacuum
    (2 to 10 mbar(a))



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V-Series – Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane


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V-VGD 10/15


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