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Aircom Technologies Inc., is the authorized distributor of Howden American Fan Company axial fans in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.


Centrifugal and axial


Cyclone Series Centrifugal Fans ALPHAIR's comprehensive line of Cyclone Custom Engineered Centrifugal Fans are perfectly suited to applications that require the movement of air at higher pressure or volume, or air that is comprised of hot gases (up to 1000F/540C), corrosive gases or abrasive particulate

Each Cyclone Series fan is customized to meet
a specific set of operating criteria determined
by the individual application - incorporating materials selected for the given application; from carbon steels to specialized materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, FRP, and other heat and corrosion resistant alloys

The Cyclone series is made up of six unique Centrifugal Wheel families, each featuring a number of design widths, and ranging in size from 24" to 120" wheels diameters. Wheels are engineered to operate at conservative stress levels and incorporate fabricated or spun shrouds while rotor designs feature scalloped center plates on large double width fans to reduce weight and inertia. Single and double width designs are rated to air flows up to 1,000,000 CFM (470 cms) and static pressures up to 130 in.wg. (2,500 mmwg.). The structures are continuously welded to CSA Welding Standard W59.

ALPHAIR offers several standard AMCA arrangements, as shown in AMCA Standard 99-2402. All arrangements are supplied in all arrangements. Double width fans can be supplied in Arrangements 3 and 7.




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