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Rotary vane air compressors

2 HP to 100 HP

Rotary vane compressors 2 HP to 100 HP - Hydrovane distributed by Aircom Technologies, Montreal, Quebec

These rotary vane compressors are unlike any other compressor technology. One of the markets most reputable with more than 750,000 units installed throughout the world.

Developed over 50 years ago, these compressors have only improved over the years. Among their strongest assets are reliability, durability, versatility and their very low noise level.

The compression components of the Hydrovane improve with use and are not subject of air losses with long-term use.

  • Models available from 2 HP to 100 HP
  • The cabinet enclosed version considerably reduces the noise level
  • Class F IP55 motor, direct drive to compressor airend
  • Extremely clean air produced by a lubricated compressor
  • Very small footprint for very large flow in category of it’s range
  • Very low noise level
  • Electronic control panel
  • Modulation air intake and automatic start-stop operation
  • Low maintenance. Fast, simple and effective
  • Regulated speed (RS) 5 HP to 10 HP. 15 HP to 60 HP use a proven technology of air-cooled integrated converters that offers a choice of operating pressures, ranging from 87 to 145 psi
  • Extremely effective flow control
  • Energy saving blow down system (REAV)
  • 5 year optional extended warranty available
    1 year standard package warranty.




Hydrovane Line card HY Line


Hydrovane V Series 2-5 hp


Hydrovane VR Series 7.5-10 hp


Hydrovane Hypac 5-10 hp


Hydrovane HR Series 5-10 hp


Hydrovane HV Series 15-60 hp


Hydrovane HR RS Series 10 hp


Hydrovane HV RS Series 15-60 hp


Hydrovane Transit Modules


Hydrovane HR, HRRS, V, VR, HV, HVRS Series & hypac


10 reasons why Hydrovane


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